PhyChip @ Networking Transportation Networkers workshop, Coventry University

The Applied Mathematics Research Centre (AMRC) at Coventry University held a workshop titled ‘Networking Transportation Networkers’ at their Techno Centre on 25th and 26th September 2013  in the UK at which Professor Andrew Adamatzky (UWE PhyChip) and Dr Jeff Jones (UWE PhyChip) presented papers concerning Physarum slime mould.

The informal workshop aimed  to facilitate the exchange of experience and ideas on transport networks and related issues. Bringing together experts on optimization, evolution and urbanization of transport networks, street pattern formation, dynamic modeling of transport operations, as well as resilience of transport networks against random failures and targeted attacks, the workshop encompassed spatially embedded networks and their dynamics and attempted to consider transportation networks as a medium for collective (emergent) phenomena.

Professor Andrew Adamatzky  ‘Bioevolution of transport networks with slime mould’

Dr Jeff Jones ‘The formation, evolution and computational behaviour of Physarum-inspired multi-agent transport networks’

Full list of abstracts 

Workshop programme

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