PhyChip exhibition – Chroma+Phy in Slovenia and Austria

Theresa Schubert (Bauhaus-Universit├Ąt Weimar / PhyChip) exhibited her work Chroma+Phy at When Worlds Collide, an international festival of platform art, technology and science in Maribor Slovenia November 6th – 25th 2013. Furthermore it is on display until 31-07-2014 at the Ars Electronica Center Linz (Museum of the Future), Austria, as part of the exhibition Genesis organised by the Studiolab Initiative.


Chroma+Phy is a speculative design for a living wearable that combines the protoplasmic structure of the amoeboid acellular organism Physarum polycephalum and hte chromatophores of the reptile Chameleon. The underpinning idea is that in a future far away or close, on plant earth or in outer space, humans will need some tools to help them in their social life and day-to-day routine. Chroma+Phy is alos addressing the issue of privacy. We are moving from a society of omnipresence of digital information to a society where biotechnology will directly “access” our body to retrieve its information. The work Chroma+Phy is a speculation about a living hybrid sensor that enhances function for humans and connects it with the environment.

For further details visit the festival’s website or the museum’s site or the artist’s vimeo channel.

all images courtesy Theresa Schubert





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